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    Hello everyone.. this is sort of a weird request, but here goes...

    can anyone post a picture of their chicken butts?? i know ... very strange..... I am very new to chickens, and I hear all the time to check for this and check for that.. but honestly.. i do not know what I am checking for. What does a normal butt look like? I believe mine are healthy.. but how can I be sure... So my fellow chicken fanatics... show me your butts![​IMG]
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    Im sure theres lots of chicken butts lover out there ! [​IMG]
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    Oh geeeeezzzzzzzzz...... *wipes a tear from eye*

    anyway. I will post my chicken butts tomarrow. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D;D;D
  4. Well... there is a thread circulating with pictures of chicken bottoms, but they are cute pictures (the tailfeathers and tushies). I think what you're looking for are the actual vents of the chickens, in which case I don't think there is a thread of "chicken vents".

    If anything is wrong with your chickens' bottoms, I think you'd know it.

    Some things to look for:

    any color or shape of moving dots - mites (some can be brown, red, clear, black, etc...depends on what kind of mite and if they've recently fed off the blood of the chicken)
    itty bitty white things that don't appear to be moving (they look like miniature dustballs) that's lice
    white gunky stuff built up around the vent, especially with an odor, that could be vent gleet (thrush/mycosis)
    protruding vent like an "outtie" bellybutton shape, red or dark pink in color - could be prolapse
    Sores or open wounds - other chickens will probably peck at it if it's bloody

    This is a VERY good source that shows both healthy vent pictures and very unhealthy vent pictures, and explains what each and every chicken has been diagnosed with.


    Click on the "Normal" tab to see what a healthy vent will look like.

    You can also type "chicken vent" in and click on the "images" tab - you'll see more there than you wanted to.

    Here are some YouTube videos of hens laying eggs (can clearly see the vent in these as well)

    hope that helps some
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    thanks Klucky! fascinating videos.. i haven't seen that yet! going to google next... this should be interesting!

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