Chicken can't open it's eye


5 Years
Mar 11, 2014
My chicken had wet and dry fowl pox since about 3 weeks ago. I put terramycin eye ointment on both of their eye everyday for 7 consecutive days starting last week, since they can't open their eye. They can't open it, not because a wart is preventing them from opening it, but because of something sticky is in between their eyelids, which makes both(upper and lower) eyelids to stick together.
I think they have wet fowl pox lesions on their eyes, since I saw yellowish white substance growing on the conjunctival sac. Interestingly, it looks like the one that I took out on one of their eyes 6 weeks ago, when they have moderate eyeworm infestation,but, instead of growing on the third eyelid and/or conjunctival sac, it seems to be growing, or from the sinus since I saw it inside the third eyelid. I think I killed all, if not most of their eye worm about 5 weeks ago, using wormer that can kill eye worm.

Last week, I saw yellowish white substance that is growing on the conjunctival sac. I took it out, and maybe it regrow. Three days ago, I saw two 1/4 inch long yellowish white substance, but it is no longer, or not at all attached to the conjunctival sac, which is like the one that I took out, when they had a several of eye worms. I also took them out. Do I have to continue apply terramycin eye ointment on it's eye,since one of my chicken(the other one seems to be recovering since 2 days ago) can't still open one of it's eyes. Also, does my chicken have an infection, or is it just the direct effects of wet fowl pox virus that is causing it?

The same thing was found on my other chickens which had wet fowl pox but they probably didn't eat any cockroach, and they can open both of their eyes, when it is on their eye.

It's eye looks cloudy.
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