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    Feb 8, 2017
    Hello fellow chicken raisers, i've had chickens for a year now and only 4 have died and i have this one chicken whose been acting weird lately, every time i go see the chicken that one chicken is always out of the group and is alone, she also is always on high ground and rarely moves from that location. She does not seem to drink or eat anything unless given from hand. I gave her a handful of sunflower seed and ate all of them, then i tried giving her water and drank it 15 minutes straight, every time she see's the rooster her feathers fluf up and makes more noise than normally. Please tell me if anything is wrong with her.
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    When a chicken is sick and this is sensed by the flock, they can by driven away from the flock. I'm not saying this is the case, but it may be. I'd be inclined to keep her in a crate with her own water (I'd add vitamin supplements) and food for a few days and see how she fares. Being prevented from eating or drinking is something that should be addressed immediately.
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    I agree with CTKen to separate her with food and water. Offer some chopped egg also. But feel of her crop to check if it is hard or doughy, or puffed out. The crop should empty by early morning before she eats again. I once had a hen eat too many sunflower seeds, and she suffered a blocked gizzard and died.

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