Chicken clothes and boots (for you)


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Jul 24, 2016
Washington State
I basically have farm "uniforms". :D In the summer leggings, t-shirt & very light jacket. In the winter leggings, t-shirt or flannel shirt depending on weather, light or heavy jacket. I have several of these and they are separate from my regular clothes. The jackets I wear out at the chickens aren't worn anywhere else. This is because they are usually covered with straw dust or something. I keep a pair of muck boots out in the shed by the chicken run and several pairs of gloves. These never come near the house. All this and I am rarely sitting with a chicken in my lap. That would happen if I think one is sick or if I'm taming a chicken that has shown aggression toward me.

If I were to regularly sit out there with the chickens climbing on me, I would have some overalls that only came into the house once a week for washing. And now that you have me thinking about it, I'm considering getting a pair to do just that. 🤔

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Sep 13, 2011
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I have Muck Boots, and love them all year out there. In very warm weather, it's my barn running shoes, the pair that retired from normal (civilized) wear, and are on the farm only. Then jeans, either a light or heavy barn coat, gloves, or sweats, again, only worn at home outside.
Boots and shoes are indoors by the door. Once, years ago, when my boots were stored in the garage, i heard squeaking, dumped the boot, and a bat flew out! It cured me of ever leaving clothing in the garage!!!
Besides the mess, for reasons of biosecurity, farm clothes stay here, and items worn out at the feed store, or anywhere else, don't go to the barn or coop.


Mar 29, 2019
Northern Minnesota
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My Coop
I built my chicken coop in a manner that I can bring food and water and collect the eggs from outside the coop itself. So I don't need any special clothing for everyday chores with my chickens as I never really come in contact with them. If/when I need to go into the chicken coop or run, then I wear rubber boots. But my chickens do not jump on me, they mostly run away from me (unless I have treats in hand for them).


Dec 24, 2019
Mid Missouri

But in the summer I wear running/walking shoes.
This ensemble is my daily outfit. I'm constantly out and about my rural 11 acre property, fixin this and doin that, and I actually feel strange wearing "regular" clothing !

I don't get out much ….. :idunno

I have coveralls, but spend FAR too much time in them. Always telling myself that I am going to be back outside before I am.
This is me, to a tee !!! I find myself ploppin down in front of the 'puter with my boots still on, cause I tell myself "I'm goin right back out !!!


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Jul 3, 2016
WA, Pac NW
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My Coop
Muck boots (or I use rain boots as well, not the soft rubbery ones but sort of a hybrid rain/garden boot) are a must for me, and I wear those no matter if it's snowing or 95 degrees out.

Otherwise I wear morning workout clothes (as I go jogging after taking care of animals) or afternoon workout clothes (as I walk dogs and do general cleanup at the end of the day). They're meant to be grungy so no harm if they get dirty. But I don't let my birds put their feet all over me.


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Jun 16, 2013
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Couple pair of winter crocs, couple pair summer crocs. Warm field jacket with hood for winter. Nothing else exclusively for chickens. Except a couple good boot scrappers to clean most of the poo off the crocs.
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