Chicken Cold!?


8 Years
Dec 30, 2011

my rooster, Bubbles who is about 1 year and 3 months old, has been sick. he is always standing around gazing at the ground. he is not eating very much, or drinking. he has his eyes half closed most of the time. also he has thick white/clear mucus coming from his mouth. but only his mouth, not his nose. also my other chickens are starting to cough and weeze sometimes. they sneeze alot too. i think they are getting sick too. HELP! does anyone know a cure, or something i could do??? i live close to a feed and grain store, are there anibiotics i could put in there water? or in the feed? please somone help.i dont want my Bubbles to die!

OMG just found tiny black things on my bubbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!are they mites?? lice??? help!!!!! please tell me how to curew too!!!
ps thanx for the welcome
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if it is a resperatory issue the best thing that will work and the fastest is tylan 50 you have to inject it the proper dose is 1/4cc for bantams and 1/2cc for large birds usually three days of this will get it

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