Chicken committed suicide


11 Years
Feb 19, 2008
We have 2 acres and the chickens have run over half of it. So where does this chicken want to be? In the back yard with my dogs. She jumped a 5 ft tall fence to do it. She was a stray some friends gave me a few weeks ago. I guess she liked to wonder.

What's kind of odd is that most of the time the dogs are okay with the chickens. It used to be one huge yard for dogs and chickens. About twice a year or so, one dog would kill a chicken. So, we divided the yard. Also I was sick of seeing the dogs eat chicken poo.
my chickens does that too, they rather sleep with the dogs than sleep in their coop...they also try to eat the dog food when I feed my dogs..which is a REALLY BAD IDEA!!!

when will chickens learn D:
Einstein the wonder chicken thinks he is a dog sometimes... but when his Multiple personality disorder isn't working right, he thinks he's a parrot
Go figure.

When he's perched on my shoulder he is so SASSY to my big dog. I wouldn't want to be him if the dog wasn't tied off the tree ....
I guess that's how he got his name!
Yeah, my stupid little chickens tried that with my DH's German Shepherd Dog...

I just thank God I screamed and tackled the dog before he could grab hold of one of them... and you want to know what those chickens were doing while I leaped through the air, screaming bloody murder, tackled a big 76 pound German Shepherd Dog, and was wrestling him to a "sit, stay" position on the muddy ground?

Watching me inquisitively in a circle not two feet away.
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We've had this happen before and would find chickens roaming around trying to figure out how to get out with the dogs ignoring them. I've always wondered what was so exciting in the backyard that they just had to be there.

I'm hoping it was because we are puppy-sitting a healer pup and maybe she got to chasing and one of them got too excited? I don't know. I didn't see it or hear it. I found her not long after it happened with only the pup there.
Ya, our German Shepard "played" one of our chickens to death. No bites, no blood, just licked. It was slimy wet. Poor baby. The dogs are fine with the chickens when we're watching, but the 5 minutes my husband walked away....
Yes, at what about the dogs eating the poop. They fight over who will eat it!!!

Yeah, it would literally make me nauseous to see them eat chicken poo. I have super glued a chicken back together after the aforementioned dog tried to snack on her. That, I'm cool with. But watching them eat chicken poo, ewww.
Well, they're called "sh*t eatin' dogs" because.......THEY ARE!

The absolute worst part about the poop eatin' is the um..........gas it makes.

Nothing smells worse than poop generated dog gas.
Smells so bad the DOG leaves the room.

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