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I have baby chicks coming in a day or two, so i am working on my coop (we are renovating our shed into a coop). I was wondering what should do for roosting poles. I will have 26 chickens. How big should i make them (how long, how many) , and should they be round or square-ish.

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this worked great for me....i have had no feet. leg problems with my gals
I bought dowels to use in their dog crate until it is time to move them into their coop (they are just now 2 weeks old) The dowels are pretty big (about the biggest that Lowes had). Would it be ok to use dowels in the coop?
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I would go with the flat side of a 2 x 4 for adult chickens. They can completely cover their feet in the winter with their bodies and reduce the possibility of frost bitten toes. They won't be able to use them for a few weeks though. Babies might use a temporary low roost with a 1/2 or 1 inch dowel.
i don't know how i could put dowels in their living space for the first 6 weeks. See, we have a metal watering troth for their living space (funtil they get transfered to the chicken coop).

So how could i put dowels in there?

Thanks for your help!

just cut you a couple of wooden block from 2x4's. you can cut them so they are just a couple inches tall. then drill holes the same size as your dowel rod in each block. put the dowel in the holes and screw them in or glue them in. set this in the bottom of your brooder and there ya go.
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