chicken coop placed on edge of property next to field?


5 Years
Mar 4, 2014
So I have built the coop on the edge of my property because my yard is not that big.(onyl have about 2 acres)
So now I realize this might have been a bad idea but its too heavy to move now. I have no way to move it, so Will my chickens be okay next to the field, from pesticides and what not? if they spray the field will this be bad for my chickens?

Last year it was a canola field, I'm not sure what it will be this year.

Predators also will have easier access wont they?
Any way to attach 4X6's to it to use as a skid and drag it with a tractor or truck?

Don't have a truck or tractor. pulled it to where it is with my little car but it broke in some places, don't really want to pull it again
I would put up electric poultry netting (Premiere1 or Kencove) to deter the predators and I guess just hope for the best on pesticide use on the field.
I know that's not much help but the best I can offer.

Yeah I guess so. I'm in an area where there really aren't a lot of foxes or anything and I have a dog on the property so I think I should be okay. The yard is so small that there really isn't anywhere to put the coop that isn't close to a field. Except in the backyard and that's where the firepit and garden are so I don't want it there. It's a nice area of the yard.

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