Chicken Coop/Rabbit hutch combo that works! Pics of my design...


12 Years
Feb 8, 2007
Ontario Canada
I wanted to do meat rabbits along with my chickens and finally came up with this idea that keeps the rabbits away from the chickens, keeps the chickens happy eating dropped feed, and gives the rabbits access to both indoors and out! Every one is happy...and underneath the whole set up I will soon have a worm compost bin with worms I can sell.

I started by building 3 rabbit pens along the south wall of my coop on the inside. I built them high enough to put a roost along the supports for my chickens and not take any floor space away from them


Then I cut holes in the shed to give them access to the outside


I then built the outer part of thier indoor outdoor hutch



this is the inside view of the coop, on the other side I have banty pens.

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I LOVE the design. My only concern would be heat build-up. Do you have mild summers or shade for the buns? We could lose many during some of our heat waves. What a great plan that is. Almost makes me want my rabbits again! I did say almost, right?
That is amazing! i think me and my dad just found our plan for our rabbit pens/hutches. we were going to just build wire cages inside the shed for the rabbits since we couldn't think of anything like this. Wow this plan is amazing.
That area is quite shady, a good part of the day so they should be fine. The shed has opened gables for ventelation as well so they should be fine. We are in Canada so our summers don't get as hot as the Californian summers:>) I am eventually going to do something similar on the other side of the shed for my banties, it is completely shaded there as it is the North wall.
I love this ... I think this beats my sister's ( we cohabitate her land) rule , i can have quail and not use anymore space ... Woo HOO

Thanks .
I just Love this idea so much I felt it needed to be resurrected... I am honestly thinking of trying this with Quail with worm containers under them to stop cross contamination...

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