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Nov 28, 2013
San Tan Valley, AZ
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After all of the coop builds we've done, I have to say that this is one of my favorites. In striving to always be the best at what we do; what do you find most important in working with a coop builder? What are some of your pet peeves?
That is very cute compared to mine as ours is a poorly painted dark green. We like to move ours around the backyard so the grass can grow. It is very heave and has issues leaking on the sides when it rains. We have a lot of space for storage above the living space for our ducks. The run is very large but the coop has 3 feet x 4 feet rectangle area that the ducks love to hide under.
What are some of your pet peeves?
lack of ventilation
roosts set up so there is not 18" above their head
roosts lower than the nest boxes
pop door at floor level so all the bedding gets kicked out and if you do 6-12" deep litter the birds can't get out.
not realistic number of birds it will hold... a 6sqft coop does not hold 6 birds
a set up so a hen has to walk under roosts, through the poop, to get to the nest box

chicken wire, weasels go through anything bigger than 1/2" and coons tear it up or reach through and pull out parts.. coyotes and dogs go right through it.
chipboard construction, always seems to soak up liquids , swell and blow apart.
no overhangs so rain and snow blows in and you get dripped on
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