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andy vogel

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6 Years
Jun 14, 2013
Dear BYC,
As crazy and sad as it seems, i seem to have a problem with raising chickens. Back in June i Picked 3 eggs at random out of my hen house, on like june 30th they hatched within 4 days of each other, two were a buff orphington mix, and the last was a rhode island. The rhode island needed assistance to escape the shell, since the membrane dried to her feathers.

All chickens were raised indoors in the house in a large aquarium. I was soon their father, and would wake up with chickens roosting on my arms, i knew then, they had to go outdoors. i slowly introduced them outside, let them rome in a pen, then free, under supervision. Their names were Honey Penny and Susy. The chickens, when ready were moved to a rabbit hutch. Fresh Starter food, and water every day. The chickens grew the most magnificent feather density, and sheen i have ever seen.

The Chickens now took care of themselves. They would rome during the day, put themselves away at night, and i would close, and lock there door.

It all started like 2 weeks ago. The first time i forgot to lock there cage, I woke up to only seeing Two Pullets running around, not the trio of 3. i soon discovered that susy, the Buff was missing. Nothing was ever found of her, not a feather, or sound. I figured it was either a fox, racoon or hawk.

But this week on the iconic 9/11/13 i came home and found my rhode island dead in her cage, in the shelter. she was still warm, and showed no sign of injury. She had an occasional bubble come from her beak, but i dont think she ate something bad, this left me baffled, for i have taken such extreme care of them.

And to top it off, today friday the 13nth, my sister informs me that Honey, my favorite Buff, has gone missing!!!! not a trace, feather, or blood mark. all i have left of her, is the egg she came from as a chick ;''(

Im devastated, and im trying to find the answer to why this happened. I have been raising barn chickens for years, and the other chickens that rome the barnyard are fine, not one missing, there a couple months older. Only my 3 favorite pets happen to go missing :(

PS i have an accentric crazy neighbor, and im debating the possibility of them being the cause as well.
Plus the chickens would never run away. they would return to their pens every night, and fly on me for their food ;)

If any one took the time to read my desperate story, i would be so happy to here from anyone, Thank you for your patients,

BYC member
thanks im so confused as well, they were like dogs they would follow me everywhere, thanks for reading
I agree their like your responsibility, and i felt so badly, but i did all i could do. i only got to bury one of them, where the other two are or went is unknown. thanks for your response, you did help :) im not the only one.
Sadly no your not. I have had chickens disappear only to show up with babies after I thought they were dead and some never show up. I try to think the ones who don't show up found a better field and are lovinglife. Better then thinking something got them. You know you did your best by them that is what matters

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