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Just about anyone who has owned a chicken will tell you that they can be the sweetest, most affectionate animal they have and now it is possible to have them as a house pet! A chicken as a house pet?! I know it sounds strange, but thousands of people keep these incredible creatures as pets and with a diaper, there's no mess!

Not only do these work for house chickens, but they're also a great item to have on hand if you need to bring a chicken inside to heal from a wound or sickness. Instead of being stuck in a cage all day, they can get out and stretch their legs a bit.. and look stylish at the same time! Like our chicken saddles, these work great to have in an emergency kit.

Our diapers are incredibly easy to put on, adjustable and they have a waterproof liner in the pouch. To make an even easier clean up, we offer diaper inserts that you simply slip inside the pouch and take out to clean when it's time to change. Easy!

The 'V' shape in our diapers allow it to cup around the tail of the chicken to provide a better fit without being too tight and the fabric on the bottom of the diaper rests gently against the belly so that your chicken won't get it's feet caught in it and rip the diaper off. Our velcro is industrial strength which has a high cycle life of over 5000 peels! Our velcro will not get messy with feathers and will definitely not lose it's sticky after washing. We use these for our own pet chicken so we know they work. They can still reach their oil gland even!

Feel free to visit us on our Facebook page to check out Cricket, our house chicken who wears a diaper:

We strive to make our products high quality by buying only the best materials!

If for some reason your diaper does not fit, we will happily exchange it (for the price of shipping back to you) for the size that you do need.

Small: 4"-6"
Medium: 7"-9"
Large: 10"-12"

XL: 13"& Up!

X-Small-Small: $8.00
Medium-Large: $10.00
XL: $12.00
*Our diapers are high quality fabrics and materials, we only buy the best!*

Measure from the rounded start of the wing up by the shoulder down under the belly to the vent to come up with the size you will need. If you need any help, please contact me!

Order can be placed here or on my website. You can see all the fabrics we have here:

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Love the idea and cant wait to get my first one but am fearful I messed up the measurements, but Nile is just going to have to suck it in a inch lol

I wish I could have seen more patterns for boys. I want to put my little man in one so badly but its hard to pick a pattern for him. The girls just make life so easy and have patterns picked out for each of them, but have to wait till they stop growing. Cant wait to try them though! Nile better start shaving off a few ounces :D hopefully I just mismeasured the second time, and I am to tired to go out and try again
I'm sure you measured fine!! There's a little give in the diapers and if it doesn't fit, we'll exchange it for one that does :D

Have you checked out some of the chicken saddle fabric? A lot of times, we just haven't had time to make a diaper in the new fabrics, so you have more to choose from!
You can choose from there? I saw a few different types of fabric from there but didnt see it in the diapers. So I thought they you werent able to make it. How would I order it, because I am sure I saw a few little man would look cute in.
Today is suppose to be the 5th working day, I think. Hopefully it will get here today. Cant wait to try it on Nile.
That is great to here, I measured that fat boy again and he went from 11 to 12 inches.
dang misunderstood the email. Its 3 to 5 business days from today...sort of bummed was looking forward to it all day to find out that I didnt read :D
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