Chicken drama

I might not have been clear sorry and thank you for the replies but I was asking about how to help my third chicken break her boredness

I think it was assumed that getting her pals back to being active chickens was what you were looking for!

You can put An unbreakable mirror in the coop or run to give her “another” chicken to look at.

You can put grass clippings, raked leaves, straw or hay out for her to scratch through.

Some people will take a head of cabbage, screw in an eyebolt into the stem end and suspend it so can be pecked.

You could borrow the neighbors cat to chase her, but I think she’d get a little stressed... although no longer bored.

Good luck
My hen pet never got broody after her first chicks. She lived with one chick ever since.. (until now that is, if you read my last post) and when the chick got old and broody every now and then, the other sat next to her all day long.. I took her with me to play, etc. Actually that was the only time I could have my chicken pet back, since they missed each other if I split them, and the younger was never an indoor chicken, always lived outside and in the coop. I hope you find something she can do. The previous post had some ideas, but if you see she hardly moves from where the other are place some food toys near for her to play, or so, melon is also something they like and stay a while entertained. Or a ball with something she likes inside, make holes so when she moves it the treat comes out.

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