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    I have been trying different ways to hard boil hard eggs and have them peal easy. My latest thing is boil them for 18 minutes. Drain them, Put ice on them immediately and run cold water in the pan. Let sit for 15 minutes then run hot water on the egg I am going to work on for a few seconds like 20 seconds or so. I have done it a few times with good to excellent results. I only have one hen laying so I am stuck Her shells do stick so I am pretty sure it's working but I am wondering if it is really working. Can someone try this and post their results. I was on another site where they said to bake them. What kind of foolishness is that. Well I will tell I was foolish enough to give it a try. It ruined my eggs and made a horrible mess. Never again. Ok so please try and post how they did.
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