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    Apr 7, 2012
    I have a Fertilized Chicken Egg that I bout from the Store and I have heard stoires of them hatching. I have 1 Egg on a heating pad and wrapped up and the perfect temp and I turn it 3 times a day and everything else that i need to do. I have to go back to work ( I just found out I was on vacation ) and I dont want to leave the Egg home alone with the heating pad on just to make sure a fire doesnt start or anything and so that i can trun it and everything, Thats why i'm taking it to work with me. I work 9 hours a day but I have no idea on how to keep the Egg warm while im ta work because I cant take the Heating pad and we dont always have hot water. How can I keep the Egg warm. Yes I know it might not hatch but im going to try it. Can I keep the Egg warm with tons of blacnkets and snuggled down in something? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you !
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    wow! I don't know what you could use. Can you plug a small heat light in at work to have on the egg? Or use one like a hot water bottle that you can but under a towel and have the egg on it?? Sorry, just trying to spit out ideas!

    Best of luck![​IMG]

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