Chicken egg question


11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Bozrah, CT
I have a hen that is laying abnormally large eggs with a soft shell. When I open the outside shell, there is an egg yolk and a second egg inside. The second egg is completely enclosed in its own solid shell. Does anyone know of why this may be occurring?
is she laying everyday or every other day? sounds like she is developing the 2nd egg before she's laying the 1st. I've seen pics on here before about it but idk why it happens. hope you get an answer.
I've seen others post about these egg anomolies...not sure what causes it. Sorry
But I did want to say hello to a fellow CT'r
The cause of egg oddities is almost always a glitch in the bird's egg laying machinery. Usually this sort of thing straightens out in time. I hope she is a pullet and a new layer; more likely to correct itself, I believe.

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