chicken eggs compared to duck eggs?

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I can't seem to find many pictures of duck eggs, does anyone here keep laying ducks as well as chickens and have comparison pictures of their eggs. I don't have my chickens yet, but I have several laying ducks who will start laying in a few months and I'd love to know what to expect!
I'm still new here but I think you might want try the duck section in this website for an answer. You might get a better response. My kids are in the 4-H poultry project and the ducks are actually next door. We have the batams sitting on the duck eggs and one actually a very cute duckling. The batam eggs are very small compare to the duck egg but the standards eggs are bigger than the batam eggs but still smaller than the duck eggs I saw. I don't know if I can get a picture for you but I'll try today and will post if I can figure how to. But again, maybe the duck section, you'll get more replies. Just a thought.
I posted this topic in the duck forum... no response whatsoever. I just want to see the two birds' eggs compared... seems there are a zillion people taking pictures of their chicken eggs, maybe a few would photograph their duck eggs too. I figured that "Egglaying" could be in refference to ducks too.
I don't have ducks myself, but I consulted google, and found this blog link:

appears duck eggs are slightly larger, and then when cracked open, the whites on duck eggs are truly white, and not the pale yellow that chickens are.

I'm not sure if this is true or just my wild rantings, but we found a couple eggs in my grandma's yard that we think are duck's. They were a little bigger than chicken eggs, and broken open. The shell was significantly thicker than my chicken eggs, like twice as thick.
Not true. They can lay double yolkers like chickens can, but they aren't double yolked all the time. I would expect the yolk is bigger since the egg itself is bigger, thus making it taste richer.

I don't have ducks now, but I plan to in the future. Lots of people say duck eggs make fantastic baked goods- something about the protein making the doughs and batters rise more? Something like that. And some people who are allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs because the protein is different.
Hi...I have no pics right now as my camera broke
but I can tell ducks lay eggs a bit bigger than the chicken eggs(this is the first year laying so may be bigger after molting).Right now I have 3 laying cayugas and 2 laying mallards.My mallard eggs are green,cayuga eggs are grey (from mine at least).The yolks are definitely bigger...I think they have a richer flavor ( LOVE THEM myself ) and are tougher shelled.Takes a right good whack to crack 'em open.The whites cook up a little firmer than a chicken egg.I love my duck eggs...shhh! Don't let my chickens know that!
Here's a size comparison. These where when they first started laying, ducks and chickens, but the duck eggs are noticeably larger now. My average chicken egg at this point is 50-60g, the Mallard eggs 65-70g, and the Rouen eggs are 90-100g. The two on top are mallard eggs. My Rouen eggs are much larger than any of these. Duck eggs are fantastic, more flavourful and richer. Their yolks are also much bigger and the whites are white. We almost prefer them to the chickens eggs!

From the picture it appears I'll be getting a lot more egg per egg! I'm so excited, just 9 more weeks until my ducks will start laying! In 9 weeks, my garden will be pretty productive too-this is my first year with a garden or poultry!

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