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May 22, 2011
I have a metal Chicken feeder and was wondering if you need to use the feeder with the holes in it or can they just use a open top dish? One of my chicks got hung up on the end of it and hurt her foot.

I don't think the chickens care - as long as they can get at the feed. Whatever is most convenient for you and works I'm sure is fine. When I was growing up - our chickens just had a hand made wooden trough (two boards nailed into a v-shape with ends/legs) - and they did just fine. I think as long as the feed stays clean and dry what ever style feeder you use is fine.
I now use a metal hanging feeder just because it's easier for me to keep the feed dry and to keep the chickens from scratching it out all over the coop.
The problem with an open feeder is that the birds will scratch the feed out, causing a lot of waste. They will also poop in it, and if the dish isn't that heavy, flip it by standing on the side of it. I'm not saying I don't think you should use an open feeder, but these are some of the problems that I've had. Good luck!
I use the open metal hanging feeders with a aluminum pie plates and bricks on top. They haven't failed yet.
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I use the same...they hang from the roof rafters on rope. So far no one roosts on them and I get no poop in them. I also set the adjustable height to the lowest or middle hole.I have found that it prevents waste by not having it fill all the way. I also use pellets.

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