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    lol well mine is kinda funny but we make homemade ones. when we moved in here we had to put all new pipeing in so we used the left over sewer pipe to make them like a trough. can't get their feet in and can't throw it around. 2 liter pop bottles work too if ya cut it the same and attach to the coop or inside the run useing the lid screwed on to hold it to the wire. we learned real quick with quail they are the worst with that. here is a pic of a chicken feeder. if ya need to know how to do them let me know i have to run to town to check out a car.

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    Jan 1, 2008
    I like home made ones also, I have one I made with a bucket with cuts around the bottom so enough feed flows through that sits on large metal dish.

    I did find a great LARGE automatic dog feeder at a garage sale, looked new I opicked it up for 3 bucks and it holds about 10 lbs. pellets. I figure if it cracks I only paid 3 for it.

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    It helps to have the feeder hung (or whatever) as high as they can reach, no lower -- 'the height of the chicken's back' is what you see written, but it works best for me if I make it the height of their backs *when they're on tippytoes*.

    Won't work id you have a real mixture of chicken sizes in your flock, tho.

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    since I'm feeding my free-range chickens outside, I needed something that hens could eat from, but the wild parakeet doves could not --- and in the thrift store I came across several glass containers, looking like old fashioned fish bowls turned partly on their sides

    it's working quite well -- hens have long enough necks to get down into the containers; doves have short necks and cannot; baby chicks jump completely INTO the feeders; rooster cannot get his comb inside (so I put a bit outside on the ground for him); he can't hog the feeder (though he doesn't tend to do so anyway, he lets the hens eat first

    this allows me to put several different sorts of food (and supplements) out for them -- I face the necks of the containers away from prevailing wind, and they're under trees, so the food doesn't get damp

    chickens eat it all fast enough that we haven't had any rodent problems

    if you're feeding inside a coop, you could put a row of these on a shelf, kinda like a row of cookie jars ?
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    I make chicken feeders with the big plastic tubs that cheese balls or pretzels come in.

    You go the the hardware store or walmart and purchase a plastic flower pot bottm that is 2 inches bigger than the plastic tub. Cut some holes in the plastic tub around the bottom edge, then fasten the plastic flower bottom using a couple of nut/bolts

    If you want to hang them, use some twin and make a basic hanging flower pot holder. Works great.
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    [​IMG] hi, im trying these dog feeders i got at tractor supply, i just removed the front door on them, so far they have worked well, the lip on the front keeps the feed in there, when the chicks are bigger i will mount them up on the wall hopefully they will work well.
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    Quote:Would you PLEASE e-mail me a picture of this feeder , I am having a world of time trying to stop the waste .
    [email protected]
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    I posted this on a few other message boards here, just because if I could do it anybody can Im very unhandy:D

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