Chicken Fence Height


Oct 14, 2018
Hi Everyone,
Looking for backyard chickens have plenty of room to roam but my Rhode Island Red Hen is bound and determined to get out onto the concrete patio and then the others follow...which obviously creates constant feather/poop cleanup. I clipped the Wing and put up a 4 foot fence but she still makes it over. Going to put up a 6 ft but don’t want to go to the trouble and have them still get out..any advice? Luckily we don’t have a ton of the point is to keep them in...not keep stuff out...


7 Years
Dec 25, 2012
Big Bend of the Tennessee River's Right Bank.
A 6 foot tall fence attached to 8 foot tall fence posts (above ground) seems to look like an 8 foot tall fence to a chicken.

I have made an 8 foot tall fence to contain game chickens by putting up a 3 foot tall 1 inch chicken wire fence and adding a 5 foot tall 2 inch chicken wire fence to the top of the 1 inch section of chicken wire. I was able to cut my own fence posts so that saved a lot of money.

This fence enclosed 3 acres. Because there was no chickens close to the wire I never had a problem with stray dogs etc breaking through because they got excited by chickens going ape because of the nearness of the threat. Dogs etc can tear a 2 inch chicken wire fence to pieces if they get excited and go to biting, jumping, and pulling on it.

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