Chicken first aid! Quick what do I need?

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    Dec 27, 2010
    I have really fluffy Silverlaced Wyandottes and their backs have been looking awfully bare because of my roo but I'm waiting for chicken saddles to come in. Anyway today it's raining and I looked in the nest box and saw my biggest girl Arlene sitting on the nest. She had a gaping wound on her side that looked about a week old and a cut on her back. I ran back inside to get my husband but by the time I went back out she was already out with the others. I have to wait to get her again. I'm going to separate her and try to feed her up. What can I put on the wounds?? Should I bandage anything? I feel terrible... the really do hide their pain and illnesses well....
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    I think that Blue Cote works well. It does stain the chicken blue though........It helps ward off the other chickens from pecking though. I think you should consider getting another rooster, if you can. Sounds like he is way too rough with the ladies.......
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    Here are some supplies that you could need and would be good to have in your "chicken" first aid kit.
    Vet wrap (it is that bandaging that will stick to itself but does not have adhesive and comes in rolls)
    epsom salts
    neosporin (or any other kind of antibiotic ointment that does not have the pain killer in it, look for any ingredient that has "caine" as part of the name)
    vaseline or bag balm
    Blue Kote
    I am sure there are others that other posters will recommend. Those are just the ones that come to mind right away and what you will probably need tonight when you can catch your hen.
    ETA - instead of replacing your rooster, it sounds like you might have to trim his claws and spurs. The missing back feathers is probably his claws and the gash on her side is probably from his spurs.
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    Another good medicine to have is Wonder Dust (for equines) helps cauterize the wound. AND it does not stain the feathers.
    To me the big one is good old fashion TLC [​IMG]
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    Simply use wound kote or blue kote same thing on the areas and let her heal.
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    Dec 27, 2010
    Thank you guys so much. As soon as I can, I'm going to get her. I'm so glad I didn't throw out the crate my puppy outgrew. It's nice and big! I felt so awful for not noticing the wound before. When I went to the nest box she was soaked and so her feathers were no longer fluffy and I could see it for the first time. Poor thing. She acted broody, she was sitting on two eggs and screeched at me. Then she vanished.

    I'll clean her up and put neosporin on it. Then I'll keep her confined until she heals and I get my saddles. If the saddles don't work, I'll cut his nails, if that doesn't work I'll have my girls rooster free.
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    Jun 21, 2010
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    Quote:Might I suggest crating the rooster as well You only need 15 min to fertalizeyour hens for 2 weeks if your rooster is rough on the girls and your saddles havent arrived there is a chance he will puncture another hen and thus leading to a blood frenzy where they will want to peck at her infected wounds just an Idea.
  9. ScotianChick

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    Dec 27, 2010
    I don't have anywhere else to confine anyone. However, I caught her and crated her just a little while ago. I am now going to try to re-home my rooster. When I coaxed everyone over with treats and picked up Zoe, I saw that all of my girls but one have bald patches on their heads and backs and one even has one on the upper part of her wing. Not dealing with this, my flock is too small for all of his hormones and I'm sorry I ever let it get to this point.
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    Slow Down Slow Down. Stop. Think. Breathe.
    Ahh that's better.
    I understand the panic - I was just there myself recently and the panic was overkill, worry and quick action is called for -but not panic.
    separate the rooser from the girls. Put HIM in the
    Tend to all the girls. You may find most have injuries.

    Wash your girls after you inspect every one of them paying close attention to the hidden area under the wing.
    While you wash with a mild soap and very warm water, inspect for small hidden scrapes and scratches below those downy feathers.
    After a good bath, wrap them lovingly in old t-shirts whith their heads out. Put down a big blanket and set them on the couch one at a time, close together, and cover with a large light towel. Do all the hens and them leave them there while you go out to clean their quarters. Mkae sure they are not in a draft or cold from below.
    By the time you get back in, they should be ready to have their wrappings changed to dryer ones. Do that. Then take care of your family or whatever you need to do, maybe watch TV and listen to the hens chirp contentedly.
    Let each chicken come out of her wrappings separately and wander around drying off completely - this is a fast process - maybe 5 minutes at most.
    Treat each injury ( and some of them may have opened up horrendously from the water) with neosporin.
    Put them in the clean cage.
    Add a capfull of apple cider vinegar to their water and increase their protein intake ( grower feed is higher in protein than layer feed - just check the lables and no treats while they heal.
    Wash only if they get dirty or every 5-7 days.
    Neosporin every other day as you want it to dry and heal.
    These animals are amazing! 1 of my girls had a slash 5" long and wide open. Another had a hole the size of a half dollar and the water flowed under the skin. The second is healed. The first is closing.
    Trim the rooster's nails and his beak. I use a nail clipper for both but make sure there is no sharp edges to the beak.
    I made my own aprons from an old heavy duty picnik blanket - you can too- no sewing required. If you have them comming well, just as good.
    Good luck
    PS My 2 yr old golden drives me crazy - when are they supposed to stop being puppie energetic?
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