Chicken Friendly OC cities?

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    I'm looking for Orange County chicken friendly cities. Thank you for the already posted info on cities! very helpful. I am adding some other cities and welcome comments from residents on their experiences. thanks in advance!

    La Habra Heights(not OC but close): allows chickens and other poultry as long as the coop is setback 35 feet from any dwelling. Complaint driven enforcement. you can have as many poultry for meat or eggs without permit. If you want to sell chickens, meat or eggs, then you do need a permit.

    Yorba Linda info is not specific…under municipal codes it says livestock shall not run at large:
    it states that "animal" shall include domesticated poultry but beyond that doesn't mention any other requirements except the at large stipulation.

    Villa Park I think is going to look into changing the chicken laws:

    Tustin allows 1 rooster(and beehive!) 100 feet away from dwellings 10 hens no closer than 50 feet . Rooster must be confined from sunset to sunrise within a noise dampening coop and coop must be hidden from public view

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