Chicken Gaining Weight.

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  1. I am pretty sure my little D'uccle is gaining weight. The other chickens won't let her eat so I have been hand feeding her every day. She eats so much whenever I feed her and when I go inside with her to get her some seeds she will cluck and kick her legs until I feed her as if she was starving. It is strange how she is eating so much and gaining weight so fast all of the sudden. Should i be worried about this? [​IMG]

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    Being overweight is not good for a chicken's health. Have you tried placing food in more than one feeder so she gets a turn to eat as well? If you really need to hand feed her use the 10 minute guide. Whatever a chicken can put away in 10 minutes twice a day should be enough food. Also feel her crop after feeds. If it's full she had enough.
  3. Thanks, she is not near over weight yet she's still very skinny and the good thing is she will stop eating once her crop gets full. The poor little thing we have three feeders and she is scared to eat out of every one of them so she completely relies on me for food. She has not laid in a while, do you think she could be storing up to start laying again?

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