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8 Years
May 6, 2011
I'm getting ready to plant my small garden (8x8) and now that we have chickens, looking for some ideals on what I can plant, that the chickens will eat and which will not cause the chickens to become ill. Would you please share with me what you have grown and if your chickens liked the food. And suggestions on how to keep the chickens from eating the new plants before they become mature.
Chickens will eat every green living thing off the earth practically if given enough time on a small enough patch of earth.

So, if you want your seedlings to survive you need to fence it off.

I have tried planting birdseed (millet) and it grew, the chickens trampled the stalks and ate the seeds (which is good because there is no work harvesting). Wild birds like it too!
They don't like garlic, asparagus or strawberry plants. They aren't interested in dandelions. On the other hand they ate the tops off a Hosta plant that happened to be potted and inside the fence. Course we just rototilled so the soil is full of worms.
If you really want to make them happy plant some ladino clover in a spot you don't need for veggies! I put it in their "salad bars" with lettuce, spinach, and canary grass seed. They eat it all, but they always hit the clover first.

Plus, it's a really great source of calcium and protein.
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Mine love kitchen vegetable trimings like carrot peelings, apple cores, broccoli leaves, lettuce, anything you would trim and throw away. Don't forget the clean-out-the-refrigerator-leftovers!! Mac n' cheese, fish, beef, lunchmeat, it will surprise you!
I planted blueberries and they love them! The chicks like to eat the roses, and mint.

See Dixie the Delaware having a blueberry snack...

Mine will eat anything in the garden. I only let mine out for about half an hour just prior to roosting so they get a little greens in their diet but not destroy my gardens.

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