Chicken gone at night, another one badly injured

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    Dec 31, 2013
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    So a couple weeks ago my comet died naturally and I buried her safe and sound. I had another chicken, a BPR (the finest hen I've seen), and so I asked my neighbor if she could take her in. Well fast forward two weeks and last night she was gone, there was blood in my neighbor's coop, and another one of her chickens were badly injured. We live in the east bay area in california (the tri-valley region) and I'm suspecting a coyote or raccoon. Any hints at what it was and how to deal with them? My friend still has the surviving chicken and another uninjured hen and we don't want the predator coming back.

    Some plans I'm thinking of doing:

    raccoon traps
    scout out a coyote den and discreetly kill the coyote(s)
    enclose the chickens inside a better run (I can help my neighbor out with this)

    Anything else I should do?


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    better run and predator proof, well ventilated coop is the answer

    I trap regularly but as frequently as you trap out predators, others will eventually move in to fill the void.

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