Chicken got stuck in cinder block


Jan 15, 2021
Hello everyone,
I'm a new member in the community and have been keeping chickens since this spring. My barred rock somehow got herself stuck inside the cavity of a cinder block that their waterer is sitting on. The block was sitting pretty close to some wire fencing and her face was wedged up against it. We found her around 9:30 am and their automatic door opens around 6:30. Not sure how long she was in there like that but based on timing, no longer than 3 hours. She was able to walk out on her own once I moved the block away from the fence so I don't think she was squeezed in terribly tight, she just couldn't back out. She has a minor cut on her foot which I treated with vetericyn and blu-kote. The other chickens either plucked some feathers or she lost them in the struggle but there are around 30 downy feathers lost. I currently have her with her flock mates and they don't seem to be messing with her and I haven't observed them pecking her wounds. She is the top chicken in the pecking order so I'm hoping that her position will keep them from messing with her. She does have some poop matted on her back side that I'm hoping she preens out but I didn't want to get her wet if she's in shock because it's only a high of 46 degrees here today. She is resting more than normal and is holding the injured foot up when she stands. She's eaten a little but doesn't appear to have her usual appetite. Her feathers are puffed up. I'm looking for advice about what I should do. Right now I'm just closely observing her and the rest of the flock but would love some advice from more experienced chicken keepers on what to look for. Thanks in advance!

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