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    I LOVE the Rat Guide-

    Is there a "Chicken Guide" somewhere?

    That would be so awesome to have printed out so I could quickly find out 'what's wrong' and 'treatment' for the flock.

    I'd help as much as I can with it (Biology BS minor in Chem) but my time is limited as I'm 8.25 mths preggers.

    We could start compiling common illnesses and treatments and how to prepare medicin for our chickens.

    I know where I can find some vets that might help too-

    Any interest?
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    Oct 12, 2009
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    Great idea, it could be region-specific if that's warranted. I lost one of my three hens to a disease that I could never id. I wasn't about to do a necropsy. My equine vet has no knowledge of/interest in poultry. I came to a dead end rather quickly. But alot of anecdotal info put together can be very powerful!
    I have access to biological equipment such as microscopes, stains, etc.

    happy thanksgiving,

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    Possible topics grouped by age/gender: (off top of my head so far)
    Some of these are Supposed to get answers of, "its ok", or "wait and see" but its a handy tool

    -Helpful quick-
    Common disease (Meraks, ... , ... )
    Common Vaccines
    Common OTC medicines/ remedies safe for your chickens
    How to medicate your chicken

    -any age-
    bloody stool
    unusual stool (diarrhea, large, smelly, wrong color, no urea)
    fight injury / animal attack
    sealed vent
    heat stroke
    sickly (no other symptoms)
    losing feathers/down in clumps
    parasites (have subsections)
    not growing/ not gaining weight
    eye issues
    neck issues (wry neck, stargazing)

    failure to fully hatch
    Pasty butt
    failure to stand
    splayed leg/s

    unable to walk
    broken limb
    broken beak

    Broken spurs
    aggression towards hen(s)
    aggression towards human(s)
    aggression towards own reflection
    aggression towards other roos
    not interacting/change in behavior

    Egg bound
    shelless eggs
    no eggs (talk about age of egg laying, winter production drop, molting drop ect)
    bad eggs retained
    eggs with single blood spot (heh)
    eggs bad flavor/color (egg meat not shell)
    eggs with rubbery/ incomplete shells
    funny shaped eggs
    not interacting/change in behavior
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