Chicken Gurgling And Weak

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    Jan 5, 2011
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    I'm in a dilemma. I'm not sure what's going on with my chickens. I have Dominiques. For the past week or so I've noticed they haven't been eating very much. It's been worrying me. Today I went in there and noticed that one of my hens is too weak to do much. She's all fluffed up and sitting down, and both her eyes are swollen shut. She has a weird gurgling in her throat.
    My rooster is weak too, got a runny nose, gurgling in his throat, and stinks worse than a chicken should stink.
    I don't know what to do or what this could be. I'm use to chickens, but I'm not use to sick chickens. I don't want them to die! I separated them from the rest and got them nearby so that I can watch them, but I'm not sure if there's anything I can give them to help them. [​IMG]
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    A bad smell might mean coryza, or not.

    Here are some links:
    see "my chicken has a cold, part I, II, and III"
    diagnosis charts at bottom

    BTW, if it is coryza, research carrier status - and also you might want to get a bird tested by a vet or necropsy to make sure that is what you are dealing with.

    There can be environmental causes for respiratory problems, too.
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    Quote:I agree with ChickensAreSweet. A foul odor is a good indicator of coryza, with a good chance of MG in the picture as well.
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    How do you treat that? I have tetroxy, which is for respitory diseases and other things.

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    I had got a new roo,i think he has a abnormal smell. he had some girgling going on/cogestion and everything i read, alot of different threads on here and recommendations by folks on here, i kind of narrowed it down to either two conditions ( with out going to vet for testing) some sort of bacteria and or fungal, so i put him on tylan, and after second dose there were no symptoms anymore.(today) he however has not acted differently, nor did he loose weight and he always ate well and drank well. he gets his last dose today. as a precaution next week i'll do a warm heated humidifier for the whole flock (10 birds) in the hen house with oxine ah as the fungal infections increased with the extreme heated summer. its hard to know what disease they have with out testing, but exspensive as testing is, i decided to try the above two to see what happens.I didn't want too wait on mail ordering and used what was available. so i got the tylan from the local TSC.

    I had to order the oxine ah, which can also be used to sanitize and clean the coop etc.
    this is just my approach to my delimma,
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    Jan 22, 2009
    What was the dosage you gave?

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