Chicken has a bulge - what is it?

May 19, 2017
Hi all - first time posting.

My mom's bantam barred rock has this strange bulge and we can't figure out what it is. We thought she was egg bound and did everything we could to get her to lay the egg. It's been about 10 days, she's still alive, looks a little sad/droopy, but she's still moving around and eating, drinking and scratching. Maybe she's not egg bound? Anyone have any ideas what it might be and how to treat it?

Any help is appreciated. My mom loves her girls and is really down about her barred rock baby.

Thank you!

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Hi :frow Welcome To BYC

After 10days she would not be "egg bound", but, she may have an internal laying/reproductive disorder like Egg Yolk Peritonitis, Ascites, cancer or tumors. Any of these can cause swelling of the abdomen, going off feed, moving slowly, sometimes limping. Fluids or egg masses in the abdomen can start to cause infection.

If the abdomen feels fluid filled, sometimes you can give relief by having the fluid drained. It's not a cure, but can give comfort and prolong life for a while. You do risk infection when draining, so that's something to keep in mind.

Vet care is best, if you have it available. Try to keep her hydrated, offering some poultry vitamins and a little chopped egg for extra protein along with her normal feed.

Keep us posted.

Peritonitis and internal egg laying issues:

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