Chicken has a very red and swollen/large looking bottom+isn't laying!


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May 16, 2010
We have two, and have been having problems with broken and soft shelled eggs recently. Daisy has been laying, but they are nearly always breaking in the nest box or are soft, and Gerty isn't laying at all.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Gerty has a very red bottom, which looks quite swollen and rounded - almost egg shaped (could it be an egg inside?)
She's not been laying but she has been fine, and I would've thought that if it was an egg in there all this time she would have been quite unwell. We have been giving them some yogurt recently to strengthen the shells, but only on third day of that now so too soon to tell. Also we've got a calcium supplement from a poultry stockist, which we'll put in their water. (Quick question - it says 1L of supplement per every 5000L of water, and their water feeder is about 1L, so how much supplement is that?! Really not very good at the maths, I think it's 0.2 ml, but that sounds ridiculously tiny!!)
They have been eating fine, they have pellets, handful of corn a day and a grit+oyster shell hopper. However, whereas we usually have to refill their feeder (pellets) every two days or so, it's been pretty much full since Sunday! (It's Thursday now). They still seem perky, although apparantly Daisy was a bit mopey earlier and was inside for a long time.
Any help appreciated

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