Chicken has been sneezing for about a month now...


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Oct 28, 2007
One of our barred rocks has been sneezing and then following the sneeze with a loud exhale of breath. She has no other symptoms. Breathing sounds normal, no secretions from her nose or mouth/eyes. Poo looks normal. None of the other chickens are catching it or have it. I put some apple cider vinegar in their water and it doesnt seem to be helping her. She is still laying normally and acting normal...just the long lasting sneeze. Any ideas on what this could be or what I can do to get it cured? Thanks!

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Jun 5, 2009
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I know my coop is extra dusty right now cause its been such a loooong winter. Could she just be sneezing over something like that?

I wouldnt worry too much since there is no discharge.

Maybe someone else will chime in with some experience with this.

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