Chicken has green legs and feet!!

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8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
One of our 3 month old red star chickens had some feathers either pecked out or ripped out by a predator on Saturday on his back near his tail. I sprayed it as best I could with antiseptic. Yesterday I noticed it kind of scabbing over but today when I went to check on her, I noticed that her legs and feet were green! :-( What do I do??? I don't want her to die of sepsis or anything but I have no clue what to do!!! Help!!! Thanks in advance!
I sprayed it with Vetrimycin. It is colorless, so even if it had dripped down it wouldn't have done this. This is like an internal green. The whole leg, feet, toes...all of it has turned a sickly green color. I'm thinking now after looking at the post of the hen that was pecked that is what happened my girl. My girl's was a smaller area (about 1/2 to 2/3 of that size) but was just as bare and raw.
I would find an antibiotic to start it on then if you think it is internal just in case. Hopefully this will bump you up and someone will see that may have a better idea for you.
This might sound like a stupid question but I'm going to throw it out there: What color were her feet and legs before? I'm only asking because I have a chicken who has green feet and legs naturally. If your chick had feathered legs before and you never actually saw the color of her feet, maybe the color is natural.

Another thought, if the medication has copper in it, that may cause a greenish cast to her skin.

Hope she gets better.
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