Chicken has some type of problem with her crop......

chicken boy sam

10 Years
Dec 21, 2009
Today, I was petting my buff bantam cochin, Bird, and saw that there was a large round thing near her chest. At first I thought she had a tumor, but then I thought there was something wrong with her crop. All she has been doing is sitting in the nesting box. Is it called it an impacted crop? How do I treat it? What should I do for it?
Do a search on byc and you will find lots of info on sour crop. You need to treat her fast because they can die from this.
Good luck to you!!
Before you treat her, make sure something is wrong.

The easiest way to do this is to withdraw food overnight and check her crop again in the morning. If it is mostly back to normal, she's not sick; she just had a really good meal.
OK I'll do a search. She was at a fair yesterday and she might have been fed someting she shouldn't have.
OK, so I smelt her breath and found out that she most definitely has sour crop. I separated her in her own crate and have been massaging her crop. It has gone down quite a bit and now feels like it's liquid instead of mush. She is doing a lot better. I put some apple vinegar water in her crate and later on tonight I'm going to give her some yogurt. Tomorrow I plan on giving her some scrambled eggs and bread. Thanks for your help in fighting sour crop my first time!!!!!!
Chicken boy sam

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