Chicken Has swollen ankles and discolored legs


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May 30, 2011
My little chick has swollen ankles that she is pushing herself along with, and her ankles have cuts (from walking on them). Her legs are discolored, with a green/blue color. Her feet are like limp too, tightened up into a fist I guess. Her leg is also a bit swollen. This is on both legs. What should I do?! I tried the taping legs together with bandaids and then the shoes made out of bandaids. What do I do?? She couldn't walk sense she hatched.
She is still eating and drinking normally though, but she is not growing as fast as the other chickies that I hatched.
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You may want to post a picture of your chick and also list what breed and such so someone can be of more help about the leg color etc.

Have you tried the Poly Vi Sol withOUT iron for her along with the leg splints? Also make sure the splints aren't too tight and adding circulation problems. I'd do the Poly Vi Sol and also give her some active culture yogurt mixed into a small bit of either oatmeal or a mash of chick starter. Make sure to take it up after she's eaten some of it so it doesn't spoil and do this daily. I usually kept some cooked oatmeal in the fridge, heated it in the microwave...then add the yogurt to cool it down. You can also scramble up some eggs and feed those to her for added protein to help her heal and get stronger.

Hopefully someone will be of more help than I am, I hope she does okay!

I cannot tell for sure by your pics, sorry! It does look like it's legs are infected and also it may be the angle or way you're holding it but also the skin is very scaley and irritated looking. How old is the chick, btw? What are you feeding, and what is the bedding is it on?

I'm hoping someone else with more experience in the disease/injury area will reply.
The chick is about 1 month old, her legs are innfact a bit swollen and scaly, we are feeding her baby mash. we are using cardboard with that rubbery kitchen stuff ontop of it as bedding. We gave her a heating lamp because she has no buddies (isolated) because they hurt her. She loves the lamp, btw she is a rhode island red chicken.
Thanks for the additional info
I would definitely start her on the Poly Vi Sol withOUT iron liquid asap. You can find it at any Walmart or pharmacy in the baby vitamins section.
I'd also give her more protein than what she's getting so she can heal. She almost looks like she may have some skin infection or something, but this can also be due to not enough protein, vitamins/minerals.

Scramble some egg and feed it to her in small amounts and see if this doesn't help her too.

Make sure to cleanse the scratches/sores she gets and even neosporin without the pain reliever in it will help keep them from getting infected further.

Pine or aspen shavings would be a better bedding at her age. She may be scraping her legs on the rubber or it's getting stuck to her sores and making them worse.

I'd keep her separated until her wounds heal and she can get around so that the others don't pick on her.

Hope this helps!
That's really something I sure couldn't tell you. If you treat what she has and get her over everything, then hopefully she'd recover and be stronger and able to walk. The longer you wait to do anything about it, the less her chances are for a good recovery.
Hopefully you've gotten her on vitamins now and cleaned her legs up and medicated them...
Please do keep an update on her and I hope she starts showing improvement quickly!
The time on this forum is different, so i got the message at 10pm, so I got some neosporin on her legs, put some shavings in her cage, and soon I will go out to the vitamins.

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