Chicken hasn't moved all day, Help!


12 Years
Aug 15, 2007
This morning my husband noticed our hen was laying down and didn't run up to him like she usually does. I thought maybe she's just being broody and went on about the day. By afternoon I noticed she still hadn't moved. I went out to check on her and noticed she was rhythmically trying to "push" something out... ( an egg? poop? I have no idea which ) every second or two she would push. I sat with her for awhile and tried to encourage her to get up, eat, drink....but she ignored me. I forced a few drinks of water in her and let to go tend to my kiddos. This evening I went back out to check on her and she was in the same spot still "pushing"... I took a closer look an noticed a bit of blood on her cloaca. I moved her over by her food and water hoping she'd get up but she didn't. I manually made her stand up...she stood for a few seconds and laid back down. She also wheezed a tiny but, and only for a few seconds.... I'm not sure if that is a true symptom or she was just getting tired of me messing with her. I force fed her a few more sips of water and then put her inside the "sleeping area" of the coop.
I asked my husband if her has noticed any blood in their poop and he said "no". I also haven't noticed any, although I can't say we have been actively looking.
Any idea's on whats going on?
I'd bring her in, warm bathe her for about 30 min, wrap her up in a towel to dry then put her in a pet carrier with water, food, and pine shavings, cover the carrier with a towel or a blanket, will hold in her body heat... I just went thru that with my Faverolle Buffy, and she ended laying 2 eggs! POOR GIRL. She was doing the same thing...

Massage her tummy area while you have her in the bath...

Might not be to helpful... I am new to this, but thats just what worked for Buffy...
thanks for the replies. I'll try that. Is there a "deadline" she should lay by?
i.e. if she doesn't lay within 36 hours she may die....
Just wanted to update. unfortunately she died a few hours after I posted. None of the other hens seem to be sick so I'm convinced she was indeed egg bound and didn't show any symptoms ( or we didn't notice ) until that day. Thanks for everyone who tried to help.

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