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    Apr 25, 2014
    My 7 chicks have dig HUGE holes in the run. They started out just stratching for worms but turned into bowling ball size holes. Any recommendations on how I can get them to stop or to direct them to dig in a certain spot? They have access to a grassy area that they can dig in all day long. In the run, they are starting to dig under the fencing. I've tried putting logs in the and over the holes but then they just dig around the logs. Nutty little buggers!

    Thank you!

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    Jan 10, 2013
    It is amazing how deep they can dig! And they will dig no matter what. And it seems they pick the areas so inconvenient, like where we enter and it's no fund to step in an unexpected hole.

    Fortify the fence line areas - don't want them digging out and tunneling out.. Fill holes at fence line with dirt, tamper if you can. Place heavy rocks or stepper type stones against fence, so if they dig, it will should move them back into the run for excavation fun.

    Try giving them better options to occupy them, like: place small boards or logs in better areas to interest them in other digs. Add flock block to let them peck and scratch elsewhere. Scatter dried mealy worms in better areas to attract them.

    Make sure outside run fence is protected by buried hardware cloth. I you have hard ground, like I do, add it below what you can dig, add dirt o top, and heavy stones on top of that. At least if they dig on the inside, they don't weaken the perimeter to allow predators to come in.

    If your run is large enough, try barricading the no no areas with rocks, surrounded by chicken wire barrier - a lot of folks do this around tender plantings and shrubs with success.

    Hope this helps.
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