Chicken Humpback Help!!!!!

Isaac 0

7 Years
Jul 19, 2016
Hi we have a Barred Plymouth Rock chicken that seems to have his head close to his chest all the time.He recently suffered from a vitamin E deficiency but got that cured.She will eat and drink and walk but she seems clumsy here are some pictures.If you know what this is please tell me!!!.Btw her poop is completely normal

How did you get a diagnosis of Vitamin E deficiency?
And did you treat it?
What were the symptoms?
I'm curious because I think my 4 month old Lavender Amerecauna has a vitamin deficiency going on.
When its really hot they need more vitamins so obviously he didn't get enough.The symptoms are very weird they will get there head and tuck it in there chest and roll backwards also they are very clumsy.You can buy a Sav-a-Chick package at tractor supply or other places near you helps a lot.Yes he doesn't roll around anymore
She became very lethargic, stopped eating and drinking. I force fed her for a couple days until she got her appetite back. Then she started walking funny...mostly loosing her balance. Her appetite was back and her energy level was up. I have suspected vitamin deficiency due to our move, hotter and more humid, and then not eating. She is also molting, which I am sure is taking a toll on the nutrition distribution in her body. I have been putting all sorts of vitamin/supplements in the food and water. She is getting stronger and more stable but still looses her balance quite often.
Thanks for offering advice.
Yep i would recommend going to a store near you that sells a vitamin e supplement for chickens then you should be good
Something else that has had me trying to find an answer......
Not sure if it is part of the lavender Amerecauna feathering issue...
Her feathers have an extra tuff sheath, she doesn't really break them open I usually do. But she has a weird dry black plaque inside on the backside of the feather. Any idea what is going on. Her brother is the same.
My Lavender holds her head close to her body, she rests her beak on her neck. She can extend it forward and all the way down but when she walks she keeps it close to her body.

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