Chicken illness

Nov 25, 2020
I'm a very amateur chicken owner and first time poster so please don't judge me!! One of our chickens is sick (see photo) and I'm not sure what it is or what caused it. Thinking it is vent gleet but not sure.
Help/advice on treating or preventing in other chickens would be appreciated!
(This has happened before to one of our older chickens, who unfortunately passed away)
(Please be kind!)


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This happened to me as a first-timer too, so I'm happy to help and support you.

It's most likely to be mild vent gleet, and them again possibly just a mucky bottom. Is she laying?
When did the other hen pass?
Any white liquid or swelling?

Wash it in warm, salty water, them dry it preferably with a hairdryer (!) Repeat this daily. It's cured many a hen of mine!

She's eating, drinking and running around right? Does her bottom seem painful?
She is eating and drinking and still active, no white liquid that I'm aware of and her bottom doesn't seem very painful.
We've got two broody bantams right now that are hogging the laying boxes and our other three bigger chickens aren't laying right now.
Will try washing her tomorrow.
Thanks for your advice :)

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