Chicken inactive and a weird egg


Jul 16, 2020
Yesterday one of my three chickens looked weak. She was sitting on the ground, didn't eat much, seemed to drink more water than normal, and she went to sleep a little earlier than the other chickens. I thought it could be an egg bound.

This morning I found a weird egg. It's the biggest I have found since I had this chickens. And it also has a different colour.

I'll attach a photo comparison of the egg I found today vs the eggs I normally find.

What could be the reason of this colour and the other symptoms?

I didn't see the chicken sitting on the ground today, but she keeps scratching her neck (instead of looking for worms in the ground like the others do). Her plumage is messy in the neck for some reason. I also saw her drinking more water than the other chickens.

By the way, is it safe to eat an egg weird-coloured like this?


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I would keep an eye on her for the next few days to make sure that she is eating and drinking, and active. Her powdery looking egg color may be excess calcium deposits, and stress or a shell gland problem might be possible. I would also worry that she might be experiencing some reproductive problem that is making her weak. Here is some info about similar eggs:
Here is some anatomy:

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