weird egg

  1. alknoll

    What the heck is this? Weird egg.

    I found this in the coop this morning, on top of the nesting boxes. Current situation: of my 6 hens, 4 are laying. Two EE's are freeloading, but they have both squatted, although not regularly. One squats more/longer than the other. All 4 hens laid eggs yesterday, so I have no reason to believe...
  2. CHlCKEN


    My best and most favorite hen, Joy broke an egg inside of her a week ago. After some meds to keep her from getting infected it happened again. Each time slowly the yolk would drain out of her system- but today she payed an egg shell with he insides full of blood and bloody outside. What is this...
  3. L

    Chicken inactive and a weird egg

    Yesterday one of my three chickens looked weak. She was sitting on the ground, didn't eat much, seemed to drink more water than normal, and she went to sleep a little earlier than the other chickens. I thought it could be an egg bound. This morning I found a weird egg. It's the biggest I have...
  4. CHlCKEN

    Chicken layed a small egg?

    THis morning when I collected the eggs, I discovered a tiny egg! I’m aware of fairy eggs but I think this one has a yolk since isn’t that small. I will update on that when I cram it open (probably to make a scrambled egg for my littles if it had a yolk, and feed the big girls the Shell)
  5. CannedMonster

    Strange Eggs

    My bantam Cochin is laying strange eggs. She is just over 1 year old. Her eggs have been normal until recent weeks. Now she lays a large (for her) egg with blood on it and a weird seam-like crack towards the pointy end. I can feel the crack when I run my fingernail across it. The shell is not...
  6. thecarmiearmy

    Weird Shape and Texture Egg

    Hi all, so my hens laid some weirdly shaped eggs! The second one isn't too weird to me. But the first one is WEIRD. It has shirt wrinkles and the pores are a lot more noticeable. Anyone know what it means for the hen if she lays eggs like these? Or have some similarly weird eggs to share? :p:pop
  7. cvlcite

    Weird egg??

    Hey y’all, one of my hens laid a weird looking egg, wanted to know if there’s something I should be concerned about like calcium excess or deficiency or an illness but or something?
  8. MysteryChicken

    Odd Large Silkie Egg!

    A silkie layed this odd large egg that has a weird shell pattern, & bulge on one side. It's unevenly bumpy, but very smooth. What causes this?
  9. JellyrollBrahma

    Rubbery Yolk Skin

    We cracked open an egg that was laid yesterday and there was a thick skin around the yolk. When you broke through the skin, the regular yolk came out with a glob of blood vessels. The white of the egg seemed a little weird too, but I cracked in the pan and it fell out so quickly I couldn't quite...
  10. BarryTheBold

    Strange Soft Eggs for the Month?! Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Thanks!!

    My 1.25 yr old Amerucana has been laying soft eggs for the last month or so? I feed them fermented organic grains (Scratch n Peck Layer) and they have oyster shell available. This is the second time I’ve gotten an egg like this though. With the part of a second egg attached. Is it beyond just a...
  11. chickengirl778

    Extremely weird egg, very concerned!!

    1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) 2 year old Ameraucana, always been rather light but that's normal. 2) What is the behavior, exactly. Listlessness, standing around, laying strange egg, dirty butt. Acting sleepy and...
  12. HeatherlyHash

    Multiple Slab Eggs

    Hi all! My first chickens are close to 9 months old now, and one of my hens has consistently been laying slab eggs. She is usually a daily layer, but for the past 2-3 weeks she has seemed to be skipping laying on some days and then laying 2 eggs the next day. I've gotten somewhere between 6 and...
  13. K8tieCat


    In all the 11 years I have had my chickens, this is a first. Nobody's laying right now because they're all molting. But today.... I get this and have no clue who laid it. Totally like a rubber egg. Cutting it open, looks like meat. WHAT IS IT???
  14. Weird Eggs 101: The Oddities Explained (or What’s a Fart Egg?)

    Weird Eggs 101: The Oddities Explained (or What’s a Fart Egg?)

    If you buy eggs from a store they are graded and those with imperfections aren’t sold. Once in a while you might see flaws in a farm egg but you probably haven’t given it a great deal of thought. Here’s the lowdown on some egg oddities. Double yolks commonly occur in new layers when yolk...
  15. chickmamat

    Laying only yolks with a “tail”?

    My pullets are 6-7months old. I’m not sure who laid these, but there were two right next to each other this am. Looks like just yolks (milky though), in a thick membrane and both have an extension, tube or tail coming off. Anyone ever seen this? And is it concerning? All chickens appear to be...
  16. ChickenMamaSarah

    Bumpy lumpy alien eggs

    My Gold Sex Link hen has started laying the most strange eggs. They’ve always been huge but over the last few months they’ve become really lumpy and strange looking, like the surface of the moon! The shells aren’t necessarily thin but they are fragile and almost see through. I have a mixed age...
  17. Melenae

    Pinkish membrane in my eggs?

    Hello :) I am new to raising chickens and was hoping someone could tell me if this was normal. I was washing out some eggshells to bake them and feed them back to my girls when I noticed that the membrane on the insides all had a pinkish hue when I removed them. The membrane appeared to be a...
  18. HomemadeLife

    My Chicken Laid A Hard-Boiled Egg!!!

    Ummm, ok. Lately as we've been cracking into our eggs, some have been hard-boiled. (!!!) They don't look like regular hard-boiled eggs. The have some brown-tinged whites. (Sorry for the bad photo!!) I've already ruled out mixing up hard-boiled and fresh b/c we haven't hard-boiled our eggs in a...
  19. IMG_1789


    Not sure which one of my chickens laid the little itty bitty egg. I think it was her first attempt.
  20. FrankHomestead

    First funky egg question

    My pullets JUST started laying, this is my 13th egg from 6 Isa Browns. They've all varied in size, darkness and speckles, which i expected. But this one had what looked like a spot of brown wiped off when i collected it! I took it inside, washed it, rubbing it firmly to get the dirt/manure off...
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