weird egg

  1. SeaAggieShelby15

    Fed Chickens this and eggs came out weird??

    I fed my chickens this as a treat and half of their eggs had a lot of poop on them, three were very small and strange markings in three others. All in the pictures including the treat. Thanks, Shelby
  2. ArtemisKat

    Salpingitis Lash egg, what can I do?

    Long-time reader, first time posting. Background: I own 5 chickens, three of them are five years old (barred rock, delaware, and americana) , and two of them are three years old (both rhode island red). They have a large coop and fully fenced area that's nearly as large as my bedroom. Big...
  3. TheDawg

    Bloody egg

    Got this egg yesterday. Blood and what appears to be some sort of intestine or lining or membrane or something on it? Should I be concerned? There was also a broken egg in the box but I don't think it's related, I just haven't collected in a couple days. Also had 2 rubbery eggs, different days...
  4. adsasppe

    What in the world happened to this egg?

    I think it came from my welsummer but I am not for certain...
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