Chicken injuried by hawk

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    I found one of my hens laying in the yard this morning and then saw a very large hawk fly away from the tree above her. I think we found her right after the attack because she was breathing but appeared in shock. She has blood in her eyes and a little in her mouth. We took her into the house to keep her warm. She keeps her turning her head to the right over and over. We have her water but haven't seen her drink yet. She finally appears to be sleeping but is there anything else we should be doing?? I feel terrible for her.
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    The main things to do are to look for and stop any bleeding, and make sure she can breathe normally. Any predator attack can cause internal injuries or blunt trauma which may cause a ballooning under the skin from a ruptured air sac, which may cause immediate breathing problems. When they are in shock, they need to be kept separated, warm, and in a dim quiet spot with food and water available for when they feel better. A dog crate or a laundry basket inside a quiet room might be a good place. Don't push fluids or food at first. Here is a good thread on treating chickens in an emergency with supportive care:

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