Chicken issues ... what could it be

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    About a week ago, one of my partridge cochin hens was acting off, so I watched her for a few minutes, sure enough, her movements were a teensy bit sluggish and more smooth than the normal jerky head movements. Then she acted like she wanted to walk forward, but actually walked backwards. It was weird enough for me to take a video.

    Then, Ron told me this morning that yesterday he was in the coop looking for the snake that killed my Golden campine, and he saw her acting really weird.

    Her head was not erect, she was holding it down like a hawk does, she was walking very weird, so he called daughter down. Daughter caught her, set her on the table and chicken fell over, but stood right up again. Still hanging her head down. No obvious wounds or injuries.

    I just text her to find out the condition, cause Ron suspects she won't make it through the day.

    All other chickens seem normal. Does this sound like an injury of some sort or an illness? She's about 4 months old and not laying yet.

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