Chicken Jungle Gym and Other Forms of Entertainment


Jul 27, 2019
San Luis Obispo County, CA
Hello! So I plan on getting around to making a swing for my chickens in their run, as well as a jungle gym for them, but I have a few questions (because I’m the type that always worries about what awful/harmful thing might possibly happen :p...).

1.) Has anyone ever made a ‘slack rope’ swing or roost? I was thinking about getting one of those thick ropes you can find as a dog tug-of-war toy and somehow securing it to two fixed points to make a semi-sturdy perch. I imagine this might be beneficial for balance and muscle building, but any thoughts on how this might cause harm?

2.) I’ve been hanging a cabbage on a string for the Littles (like a Poultry Piñata) and they love it. Once they have mowed a good portion of it down, however, I take it off and set it on their snack tray to pick at until it’s gone (because my anxious brain pictures someone getting entangled in the string when the weight of the cabbage isn’t there to hold it taut). But when I do take it down, I roll the string up to save for later and the Littles like to chase the end and peck at it.

So, my question: Is playing with my chickens like a cat (pulling the string around for them to chase) entertaining to them or is it torture (kind of how a laser pointer is great for cats but can make some dogs go crazy)? I would be holding onto the string to keep them from m swallowing it, but I don’t want to turn this into a ‘game’ if my Littles are going to start obsessively look for the string worm when I’m not there.

I know, these questions may seem silly, but it’s always safe to check if other people have had experience with these situations. Thanks!

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