Chicken Keeps Prolapsing


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Mar 17, 2008
Hi all,

I have an almost 2 year old Buff Polish. Fairly good layer. Last September, she prolapsed (not egg bound, but noticed blood streaks on her eggs the week coming up to when she did prolapse) - did warm sitz baths, applied some honey, kept her away from the other chickens - she healed nicely, but stopped laying for months - I'm guessing due to the seasons, and result of injury. Late January, she became egg bound and prolapsed, fairly severe. Warm baths, kept her away from the other chickens, removed the bits of the shell, etc... Last week, she started laying - got three eggs - last one was blood streaked. This morning, she's prolapsed again - not bad, but it's still happening. Anything I can do to prevent her from continual prolapse?

Thanks for any ideas.
Not that I know of, maybe someone else will have some ideas. Many hens go on to be fine after a prolapse, but she sounds chronic so I would think your choices are limited--Either cull or continue to deal with a prolapsed hen every so often.
Sadly, this can be a recurring problem with some birds - once they prolapse it is likely to continue. I'm sorry - I think Kittymomma is right.

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