Chicken ladder

Mine is about the same height off the ground and I just use a milk crate. For a ladder I would say 2 steps would be fine. Hard to describe what kind of angle to put it on 45degrees should be fine.
My coop is 2 ft off the ground and my ladder or ramp is 54 inches long with a step every 6 inches. Works perfect for my 6-8 wk old pullets.
ours is ~45 degrees (ramp with rungs every 6") and our 6-7 week olds struggle with it. i had to put some ridged rubber flooring in between the rungs yesterday. seems better but they're still not really "getting it".

personally i'd say no more than 25-30 degrees if it's possible. (45 is normally regarded as a maximum afaict)

[edit] 10 seconds later, just looked outside and saw one of them make it all the way up. they grow up so fast! *sob*
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WOW- angle.....ours is almost floor level, so I guess I am not much help. BUT they will learn what ever you have!!!!
My roosting area is 2' off the ground so is is at about 30deg and about 50" long . The rungs are spaced 3" apart. They have no issues at all (except jumping over each other to get out in the morning

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Since our coops may be similar here is how I attached it too

I atached a block to the side of the coop then drilled through the ladder into the block. I made pins from nails (cut the tips off). I remove the ladder to wash it when I clean the coop.


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