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    Sep 25, 2015
    I was rolling threq a thread and saw many people trying to figure out a language of the chicken and thought I woukd make a thread on them.

    The "Im disturb " call when in nest box.Usually sounds like a cat screaming or a high piched growl.Some hens even not in nest box will make angry calls at humans.I have two hens who do this to me.

    The roosters sqawk.This sounds exactly like the disturbed call but can be very,very,very loud.Sometimes it is just a low squeer jinda sound.Example,when I threw a tennis ball by my rooster he screams his lungs off with a loud meowing squawk type sound.Hens will also silently make this sound.

    Peeping at the ground.Also something roosters andbhens do.Generally roosters will make this sound to call his flock over to impress them.
    Hens often do this when ina fight and are drawibg over their oponent.Most chickens fight and pick at the ground when threatning and are being threatend by another chicken.

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