Chicken Laws in Sarasota, Florida - Group trying to get them changed

We're doing it! I'm supposed to be finding out some info on chances that bird diseases could be passed on to humans if people were allowed to keep hens in the backyard in the city. I'm looking around here, and I googled, but having a hard time finding specific info. Anyone have any help for me where to find this info to provide to the city when they raise these concerns?
Thanks..... (I'll keep my girls quiet and under wraps until we get the laws changed!)
I have a book that has some good information on that. I'll look at it tonight to see if I can find some good references for you. I'll PM you if I do and then I can scan it in and send it to you.

How do I get hooked up with CLUCK? I e-mailed the address in the newspaper, but noone ever responded. I'd love to help, but don't know who else to contact.

Good Luck!!!!!
Sarasota CLUCK (Citizens Lobbying for Urban Chicken Keeping) is up and running. We have three different online faces, each started by a different leader of the group.

The blog is available at
It feature links to news stories about our efforts and some good background info.

We have a Facebook group page with over 333 members. Just search for Sarasota Cluck

We have a webpage:

And you can email to us at the following:
[email protected]

We've had several meetings. Sarasota CLUCK seeks to amend current City and Zoning Codes to make it more feasible to keep a small number of pet hens (female chickens) in the Single Family Residential areas of the City. To this end we are proposing to limit the number of chickens to no more than 6, ban roosters, and require that chickens must be confined to the owners back and/or side yard. This modest number of birds may be accommodated in mobile (AKA chicken tractor) coops or low, hutch-type, reach-in coops that do not require permitting and which could be relocated if needed. Permanent, walk-in coops would be accessory structures requiring permits.

Right now, City staff are working to determine what needs to be changed (just the City Code, the Zoning Code, or both).

If you support our efforts, please join our Facebook group and if you live in Sarasota, write to us to get on our mailing list
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Tonight the Sarasota City Commission voted to direct staff to work on proposal that would legalize backyard hen keeping within the City. This is a major breakthrough that took 264 days. The good news is that we should have something for the commission to vote on in 7 months. The reality is just because they voted to have staff work on it, there is no assurance they actually support changing the rules. If you are a supporter, and particularly if you live in the City of Sarasota, please write to [email protected] or join our facebook group Sarasota C.L.U.C.K. --- we're going to need you.

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