Chicken laws & ordinances in Montebello CA


5 Years
Apr 16, 2014
Does anyone know the poultry ordinace in Montebello? I would like to have two chickens for eggs, no roosters.
Some time before summer of 2014 Alex Hamilton our director of planning & Community Development will be amending our zoning laws to allow the homeowners of Montebello to raise backyard chickens. As of now backyard chickens are not permitted in Montebello.
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Do you know if the chicken ordinance has been chaned/updated for chicken allow?

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I have not received an update on it, But I did leave a message yesterday. U should call him too!!
I'll send him an e-mail because I might move to Montebello from LA if chickens are allow...
Yes I have 2 so far, the montebello ordinance should allow up to 8 hens but no roosters. Mr. Hamilton gave me the go ahead and to get my chicks beacause he was working on the new ordinance for backyard chickens. But I've been so busy that I haven't followed up with him.
Waw Milly, I have 36 all sizes right now here in LA. Hopefully they allow at least 12. Thanks.
Yeah I think most city's max out at 8. I know of some people that have more than eigh n it just depends on Ur neighbors if they want to make an issue out of it.
If your looking to sell some please let me know. I'm looking for female variety of large multy purpose chicks.
Sure, I have naked necks (about 3 months), giant jersey and australorp chicks (about a month). I have 2 hens, have 1 red rhode island, and 1 black sex link (about 6-7 months laying fertile eggs). Let me know on which breed you are interested on. Here in LA I do not think they specify a limit of chickens to have, but I have enough and need to let some go.

Even though most people do not like the way naked necks look, they are so lovely animals and really good for laying.

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