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Dec 11, 2011
Blandon, Pennsylvania
Hello....I am just wondering, if it is illegal to have chickens on a resdential area where i live, is there anything i can do besides going to the city hall. My parents don't want to fight the city over chickens. So, is there anything i can do or am i out of luck until i can move out? Any help appreciated.
1. Thou shalt not crow before the sun comes up. None of thou!

2. Thou shalt wait your turn and not attempt to eat the food as it is being poured.

3. Thou shalt never clean up after thouself. Not even a little.

Those are the only chicken laws I have.
Bribe the neighbors with eggs.
If your parents are really okay about having chickens, look up outlaw chickens on here. You might want to talk to you closest neighbors first and see how they feel about it. If you keep only hens, and bribe the neighbors with some eggs, it might be okay. Are you positive it is illegal? You should try to call your local gov. offices and ask about it.

However, you have to face the reality of if it is reported, you will have to give them up, and you may be required to pay a fine.
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I am pretty sure it is illegal because someone had them in my neighborhood before and got fined a lot of money. They had a lot though and they were eating them so they probably had roosters but, i dont know. I really only want a few silkie and serama hens or maybe even only two or three of one kind ...I don't really understand why you cannot have any small, quiet hens at all.
In a lot of states it is illegal to process your own meat unless you have health dept. approved facilities (drainage, stainless steel kitchen) so that may have been why they were "shut down"

Check your local zoning, a lot of times something isn't illegal unless it specifically states it. And I would look at the printed las, DO NOT ASK the people at the office. They file stuff, they rarely read it. A woman in my mother's town had chickens. City put up a stink but the woman had a copy of the laws that regulated animals and it did not forbid chickens. So she kept 6 hens.

You may also be able to skirt the law if you have a few banties in a rabbit hutch or Eglu and argue that they are pets--domestic birds instead of livestock
most likely if they had a lot and were processing birds, they violated something other than just "having chickens" They could have been giving meat to other people or processing birds to sell (illegal without having property inspected). They could have just had too many birds.

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